Chalk It Up Artist Application

Online Chalk It Up Artist registration is now closed
If you wish to be a sponsored artist at the 2016 Chalk It Up festival, then please check-in at the event after 10am Saturday September 3. If we still have square sponsors in search of artists, then you will be assigned a sponsor and given a square. See you Saturday morning!

Sign up to be a Chalk It Up sidewalk square artist! And then sometime between now and the festival consider finding a business or person that might want to sponsor your square! We always try to match our artists up with sponsors, but it's so much easier if the artists and sponsors come to us already in tandem!

Sidewalk squares will be assigned first come first serve beginning Saturday morning at 7am to registered artists who have already been matched with sponsors, or to artists who show up with a sponsor and $150 sponsor fee, or to artists who are sponsoring the square themselves.

All other registered or unregistered artists may then check in at 10am to see if we still have sponsors in need of artists. Typically we always have many sponsors still in need of artists and many squares left to assign. So please arrive at 10am and we will match you with a sponsor while they last. It's never too late for artists to find sponsors themselves!

Only artists with sponsors, or sponsors with artists will be assigned sidewalk squares. If an artists is unsponsored, they may chalk inside the park, but not on the perimeter sidewalks squares.

All artists are obligated to include their sponsor's name in 6" tall letters on the bottom of their art square, unless some other arrangement has been agreed to between artist and sponsor. We encourage the artist to put to sponsor name on the square ASAP. If the sponsor name is added to the art late in the festival then the sponsor misses out on all the views from Saturday and Sunday visitors and is less inclined to sponsor in the future. Remember, we're trying to raise money for youth art grants! Our square sponsors were responsible for over $15,000 of our total gross in 2015! Wow!

We value our artists and sponsors with the highest regard. Without each, the event would not be successful. It is just as important that the artists and sponsors value one another! Help us make sure each square has an artist and a sponsor and we'll have our best season yet!

Please enter your street address and apartment number if applicable.

Please tell us if you have a sponsor. If so please include their business name, address, city, zip code, contact name, email and phone number.