2013 Art Squares

Photographs of all the amazing art that was created at our 2013 Chalk It Up to Sacramento festival. You can download photos from this photoset on our Flickr site. Open the folder for the year that you want to view, click on the photo you want, above the photo click on "actions", then "view all sizes" and you should be able to right click and save the file. Thank you again to our incredibly talented artists for volunteering your time and skills to the cause.

Please note: We were not able to photograph all of the finished sidewalk squares in 2013 due to the rain that hit us as the event was ending. If by chance you have pictures of any of the the squares we are missing please feel free to email them to us at chalkitupsacramento@gamil.com

Hope to see you each Labor Day weekend in Fremont Park.

Artist: Michael Monasterio
Sponsor: SledgeArtisit: Alan Denault
Sponsor: State FarmArtist: 
Sponsor: Elite Fitness & PerformanceArtist: Cullen
Sponsor: Retired Officer Henry LuckieArtist: Karen Chang
Sponsor: Ace ParkingArtist: Yusuf James
Sponsor: Raymomd ManagementArtist: Mackenzie Pitts
Sponsor: Big Hairy DogArtist: 
Sponsor: LG ContractorsArtist:
Sponsor: Al The Green Rain TrainArtist: Julie Huan
Sponsor: HDRArtist: Kimberly Godinho
Sponsor: The Painted CorkArtist:
Sponsor: Fall In Well BrewingArtist:
Sponsor: McClatchy LibraryArtist: Abdi Moreno
Sponsor:Memorial For Daniel StevenArtist:
Sponsor: SketchersArtist:
Sponsor: It Takes GutsArtist:
Sponsor: March Of DimesArtist: Alan Pedersen
Sponsor: Forensics Lab SupplyArtist: Dawn Pedersen
Sponsor: Kids Busy Books.comArtist: Sue Chan
Sponsor: Viking PrintingArtist:
Sponsor: George Washington Carver High / Club ExploricaArtist: Candy Tutt
Sponsor: Next MoveArtist: Richard Weaver
Sponsor: Ace Of SpadesArtist: Will Morris
Sponsor: Nerds On CallArtist: Will Morris
Sponsor: Nerds On CallArtist:
Sponsor: Fruitridge PrintingArtist: Diana Bassi
Sponsor: Josh ReddinArtist: Mike Rodriguez
Sponsor: Jay Spooner & Mike RodriguezArtist: Linda Hamilton
Sponsor: Free Your MindArtists:
Sponsor: CADAArtist: Stacey Powell
Sponsor: The Finance GymArtist: Michelle Barbaria
Sponsor: Miss BBArtist: Santana
Sponsor: Jerry Perry PresentsArtist: Emily Balestrini
Sponsor: Archival Graming & GalleryArtist:
Sponsor: Nicholas' GardenArtists: Ethan Bianchi & Eric Bianchi
Sponsor: Bianchi SoundArtist:
Sponsor: Francis HouseArtist:
Sponsor: J.D. WatsonArtist: 
Sponsor: Mended Little HeartsArtist: Patricia Imel
Sponsor: Ace ParkingArtist: Jason Bove
Sponsor: PipeworksArtist: Scott Clark
Sponsor: Game On SactownArtist: Joe Delgado
Sponsor: The Smile GenerationArtist: Aaron Hood
Sponsor: The PorchArtist: Aaron Hood
Sponsor: Capitol GarageArtist: Aaron Hood
Sponsor: University ArtArtist:
Sponsor: Crocker Art Museum                                                                                                083-084 (Page-Design)085 (Crockett-Dean Ballet) Final086 (Sacramento Zoo) Final087 (Access TV) Final089 + 090 (Children's Studio of Fine Art)091 (flywheel) Final092 + 093 (Al The Green Rain Train double) Final095 (916 INK) Final096 (Bob Drezler) Final097 + 098 (SMUD) Final099 (Canine Companions) Final                                106 (Child Abuse Prevention) Final107 + 108 (Agriculture in Classroom) Final110 (Fountain Of Health) Final111 (Naked Coffee) Final112 (FastSigns) Final115 (LoftGardens) Final                                                                                                                                120 (Urban Hive) Final121 (Moski Hair Lounge).Final jpg122 (Raley's) Final123 + 124 + 125 + 126 (St. Hope) Final127 (SCDS) Final129 (Wayne) Final130 (MyFi) FInal131 (CGI-My Sister's House) Final132 (CGI - Hacker Lab) Final133 + 134 (CGI-Saramento Covered) Final135 (Marshall School) Final136 (Soundz) final137 (SMAC) final140 (Ace Parking) Final141 + 142 (Edgar's Dream) Final                                                                                                                                                                0154 + 155 (Breaking Bad) FInal                                158 + 159 (Bishart Photography) Final160 + 161 (Steve Hanson) Final162 (Ground Chuck) Final165 (Ground Chuckb) Final166 + 167 (Stella)- Final168 + 169 (Spare The Air) Final170 (Family Fields Wines) Final171 (Chalk It Up) Final172 (Hot Italian) Final173 (Sactoberfest) Final174 (Brittant Brazil) Final175 (Chi Cheng) Final176 (State Farm) Final177 (sacramento United) Final178 (Sac Marketing Labs) Final179 (St. John's) Final180-181 (Space 07) Final182 (Big Hairy Dog) Final183 (American Lung Assoc) Final185 (Med Investigations) Final187 (ernesto's) Final188 (Rocking Ranch) Finaljpg189 (Getty Owl) Final190 191 (District 30) FInal192 (Hot Italian FIlm Fest) Final193 (???) Final195 (Urban Hive) Final196 (ea) Final200 (Drewski's) Final201 (Living) Final203 (Casa De Espanol) Final205 (Loaves & Fishes) Final206 (Sac Dharma Center) Final207 (David Samuel Orr) Final209 (California Green Asparagus) Final210 - 213 (Radio+Beatles) Final214 (Edgar & Associates) Final215 (Sac Comedy Fest) Final219 (Learning Solutions) Final220 (Kickball) Final222 + 223 (University Art) Final j224 (Friends Of Jane Lillian) Final225 + 226 (University Art) Final227 (Buy A Square) Final228 (2030 Club) Final229 + 230 + 231 (Exhibit S) Final