Chalk It Up is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in 1991 that promotes and supports Youth Arts by offering small grants to K-12 classrooms, and youth arts projects throughout the Sacramento region.

Contact Us

C/O Hacker Lab
2533 R Street, Suite 120
Box #211
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 234-0407


(916) 234-0407


C/O Hacker Lab
2533 R Street, Suite 120, Box #211
Sacramento, CA 95816


All donations go directly towards Chalk It Up’s mission to support the next generation of Sacramento artists. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated.


2022 Chalk It Up! Festival Vendors

Please visit THE MAP to see all the Food and Marketplace Vendors at the 2022 Chalk It Up Festival!


Vendor at Chalk It Up

Vendor Pricing for 3-day Chalk It Up Festival 2022:

Payments received by August 1, 2022
  • Artisan/Craft Vendors: Single Space – (1) 10 x 10 ($350.00); Double Space – (2) 10 x 10 ($700.00); Triple Space – (3) 10 x 10 ($1,050.00)
  • Food Vendors: Stationary Food Vendors – (1) 10 x 10 ($500.00); Food Trucks – (1) ($1,200.00)
Payments received after August 1, 2022
  • Artisan/Craft Vendors: Single Space – (1) 10 x 10 ($375.00); Double Space – (2) 10 x 10 ($750.00); Triple Space – (3) 10 x 10 ($1,125.00)
  • Food Vendors: Stationary Food Vendors – (1) 10 x 10 ($550.00); Food Trucks – (1) ($1,250.00)

Chalk It Up Festival Vendor Guidelines

  • Limited vendor spaces are available
  • Chalk It Up reserves the right to select the most appropriate vendors from the applicant pool to ensure a diverse mix of quality artisan items for the festival
  • No commercial or franchised items, buy-sell or important products unless fair trade or otherwise approved. Craft vendor items must show unique and creative design and capture the essence of the crafter or artist
  • Vendors notified of their selection status have until July 15 to submit payment
  • Vendor spaces without accompanying payment will be offered to other vendors on July 16
  • All vendors must be able to provide a current Insurance Certification and Sellers Permit (craft) or Business Permit (food)
  • Chalk It Up must me named as additionally covered on your vendor insurance. Many of our vendors get their vendor insurance through ACT insurance
  • Food Vendors must also be permitted with the Sacramento County Environmental Health Dept. as a Multi-Event Vendor (MEV) or a Food Truck (MFF)
  • Limited TFF’s (Temporary Food Permit) will be available for an additional $100 fee but this must be requested with your application


  • All Stationary Vendors will have space for a 10×10 pop-up tent or canopy (unless additional space is worked out in advance.) 
  • There will be limited space between vendors
  • Vendors are required to have items needed for their booth, including a tent/canopy, tables, chairs, etc.  
  • Electricity may be provided by the city but is not guaranteed
  • Gas generators are not allowed, however battery powered is acceptable.
  • Additional information to follow after payment confirmation
  • Vendor set-up is on Friday from noon until 8pm or as indicated by the vendor coordinator
  • Food trucks must arrive on Saturday between 7:30am and 8:30am to allow for positioning and be ready for 9am inspection
  • On Sunday and Monday, food trucks must arrive by 9am to be in position by 10am
  • Chalk It Up has 24-hour security onsite beginning Friday, through Monday.  However, Chalk It Up is not liable for vendor revenue, merchandise, and/or equipment.
  • External generators are not allowed.  Batteries are allowed, as are Food Trucks with on-board generators.
  • Chalk It Up is committed to being good global citizens and requires that no Styrofoam or other non-recyclable or non-compostible items be distributed.  Please ask your supplier about “green” alternatives.
  • You must take all of your waste with you at the end of each day, or take it to one of our appropriate dumpsters.
  • Do not fill our garbage containers in the park. 
  • Please have all of your necessary paperwork onsite. 
  • There is no parking available on the street around Fremont Park. Vendors should be prepared to find neighborhood street parking or utilize the lot at 15th & R Streets. 
  • Vendor vehicles must vacate the park by 9am on festival days.
  • As stated in the FESTIVAL RULES, please use eco-friendly alternatives for serving. Look into having compostable spoons, forks, knives, cups, serving boats, and straws! We have specific waste containers for compostable and recyclable items. Help us replace our landfill items with recyclable items! 
  • Food vendors must dispose of their cooking waste off-site.  Chalk It Up reserves the right to remove vendors who improperly dispose of waste-water, or grease. 
  • All Food Vendors must have a fire extinguisher. – Min. size: 2A 10 B: C-5lbs – Vendors with Deep Fat Fryer must have a K type extinguisher.